The sun rising up
From the east
Rays beaming upward
Piercing lightly
As the winds blew
The white clouds
Hovering above the entire city

Heads bowed down

The bird’s lullaby
The petrichor rising above the ground
As the overnight rain
Had been drenching
The parch longing
Of every living thing
That has turned brown
Now awaits their turn
To become green again

Eyes glued

The neighbor next door
Good morning.
With her hair
Flowing like the waves and mountains
On the North Shore
Of the Sandwich Isle
Her bright blue eyes
That could get you hypnotize
Mesmerize, and get lost
In the forest of her mind

Hands together

The kids running around
As they grabbed their lunch
And kissed you goodbye
Look at the twinkle in their eyes
The hugged they gave you
It’s like forever goodbye

On that bright screen

Hustle and bustle
Work, work, work
Off you go
Darn noise
Lets get this over with
Dollar for a day
A routine for the majority
Of life

Still holding

On the west side
Of the town
Bright beaming colors
Of orange
As the sun sets
Ready to culminate
And give way
To the master of the night
That gives light
Without scorching
Your heart

Even on your bedside

As the darkness burst
Turned into night
Dots of glimmering lights
Filled up the sky

That thing you call, mobile phone.
First to see and touch,
Last to see and touch..


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