A Hampered Life

I was doing house cleaning today, and I noticed that the vacuum wasn’t working properly.  It’s barely doing its job.  I went ahead and just keep ignoring it even though it’s not picking up everything, it was spitting some of it out.  The longer I keep ignoring it, the longer it’s not accomplishing anything.  I just kept going round and round in circles.  No matter how many passed I did on the carpet, I wasn’t satisfied with the results at all.  I turned the vacuum upside down and looked if there’s something blocking it.  My guess was right, eighty percent of the whole is clogged.  I grabbed a small stick trying to make the hole wider but to no avail.  Somewhere the whole line is still clogged.  I knew I had to disassemble it, however I didn’t really want to do that since it involves more effort and I didn’t have enough time to mess with it because I still have to get ready for work. Nevertheless, I had to get my carpet vacuumed.  A clean house is a clear mind.

So there I was a phillips screwdriver  on my right hand.  All in all I ended up taking off a total of six screws, five from the plate that covers the brush roller and the line that sucks the dirt in, and one screw that holds the line going through the bag.

clogged life

After making such a mess, I accidentally pressed the on button and it blew right in my face.  I was glad though that I finally cleared the clogged, and the culprit was a piece of cardboard box that was chewed by my friend’s dog.  I knew I shouldn’t have vacuum over it but I still did, thinking it has sufficient power enough.  I cleared the line completely and once I’ve put everything back in, it works as good as new.

For the most part life is like that, we tend to try and hide from the things that need to be address.  Whether it be a estranged relative, running away from your demons, or letting go of ourselves from failed relationship.  Just like that piece of cardboard that mainly caused the clogged, I remember how I insist on my failed marriage to still keep on going knowing it’s beyond redemption.  Once I learned and found the courage to let go, everything has been smooth sailing.  Until we learned to face such circumstances and deal with them we’ll never find happiness, we probably will but they’ll be times anxiety will be nipping on it and that’s not a pleasant feeling, knocking on your mind as you lay down on the bed, like a stranger suddenly banging on your front door in the wee hours of the night.

This year I’ve already lose two people that’s very closed to me.  One of them is a much older gentleman who’ve been sick for quite a while and the other one is a young lady who’s about four years younger than I am who used to lived right across our home and who I used to play with.  Her death jarred me.  How could such a young lady passed away so suddenly who just got married, one month pregnant and just moved in to their new home.  I didn’t even know until I saw the feed on Facebook on her friend’s friend.  I thought for a minute who could be playing such a cruel joke, only to find out it’s true.

“For like grass they soon fade away, like spring flowers they soon wither (Psalm 37:2 NLT).”

With her sudden death, it reminds me again not to take anything for granted in this life.  To savor every part that I spend in this world, to make the best of it, not to hold grudges, forgive those who doesn’t deserve it and say the things I needed to say.  Because once you’re gone, you are gone for good. It looks like we’re here for the long haul but we’re not.

They’re things that requires more than forgiveness.  Things that need to be face head on, we can’t just keep running away.  We tend to run away because it involves time and money, it’s never comfortable that’s why we don’t want to deal with it.  But the sooner we face it the sooner we’ll be released from the bondage of anxiety, anger and depression.  It’s a narrow road to travel, but a road that leads to freedom.  Like that narrow road you take when you go to a secluded beach where no else knows, your own inner sanctum.

You deserve to be happy, you have the right to be joyous, nevertheless bear in mind, in your search for it, steer from sin.

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