Four Seasons

This past weekend we had a blast kayaking at my local lake with my daughter.  For the entirety of it, that’s all we did.  I never kayak before and I met some few people asking with amazement and curiosity about my kayak since it’s inflatable.  Now, if I could just find the people that says Kansas is boring.  And I’ll say it’s what you make out of regardless of where you are.

However, I do admit that they’re times boredom creeps on you.  There’s no ocean or mountains or a lot of places you could go to like California or New York, when you get out of the city every thing is plain as far as your eyes could see.

Growing up in the Philippines I was accustomed to a tropical weather, there’s no four seasons, only dry, wet and humid.  I always wondered why a lot of Westerners loved to frolic in a tropical island.  What was so special about it, while majority of the population (mostly due to economic disadvantaged) wanted to migrate to any western country.  I guessed, once you have something (or someone) that’s been there with you for almost the entirety of your life, you become bored and take things for granted not knowing that what you have, others wanted it fiercely.

“The heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.  Who really knows how bad it is (Jeremiah 17:9)?”

Now that I lived most of my life here in the Midwest, I wish I could purloin the pacific ocean or any ocean and put it right in my backyard.  It’s easy to be prejudicial, nevertheless until we saw it on the other individual’s perspective we must lay aside all doubts and get to know the facts.

I yearn that somehow, if we could only have spring and fall and get rid of the rest. I don’t really like the summer, way too hot, neither winter-too cold!  Through it all it has given me a different perspective.  With each season lingering only for four months, I’ve learned to appreciate it. It’s sizzling hot in the summer but I know it’ll end, the same goes with the bitter cold on winter.  So, when spring and fall comes I’ve learned to make the best of it, never to take it for granted.  When summer and winter comes I won’t despair because I know it won’t last forever, it’ll end eventually, all I have to do is for time to take its course.

Cherish and appreciate what you have regardless how short or long you’ve had it, you’ll never know its worth until it’s gone.  And the hard times you’re going through, it’ll pass just like the four seasons that comes and goes..

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