Don’t Stop

I came home late one night, and found a piece of paper wedged on my door.  To my dismay, it’s a late fee for a pet fee, costing me exactly sixty five dollars, instead of the usual fifteen dollars.  Here in the Unites States, renters pay for their pets too.  I know a lot of other places in the world doesn’t do such a thing.

The next morning I went to the property manager’s office, just to find out she wasn’t there, so much for waking up early.  I decided to just go back later on and did some errands.  I finally caught  up with her and paid the late fee.  Usually when we talked, it’s very brief.  Just the usual “hi, hello, how are you, bye, thank you.”

It’s been almost two years since I got divorced.  I looked horrid before, during and the aftermath of that ordeal.  I never thought I could regain my composure, nor take back the essence of my life that was taken by years of betrayal and gaslighting.  Nevertheless, by the grace of God, I did and I’ve never been happier.

A large amount of my family, friends, acquaintance and associates noticed all the transformation that was the result of what I went through. “Oh, you look lively.  You’re blooming.  You look happy.  You gained weight (I was scrawny).”

There I was sitting across the desk from the property manager’s office, check on the table and a pen on my hand finishing to write my signature when suddenly she say’s, “You look handsome, you look good, you look younger.”  Believe me, she’s a bit snappy so this came as a big surprise for me.  She just keeps repeating it over and over that I kinda start blushing (the introvert in me).  I was saying inside my head, “Okay, enough with  the flattery I am paying the late fee and yet deep inside I was giggling and for a minute, I asked myself, “Is she hitting on me?”

I  gratefully replied, “Thank you”,  especially coming from her since I could never envision she’s that type.  However, she said something that really struck a chord on my psyche, she says, “Whatever you’re doing do not stop, whatever makes you happy do not stop.”

We are a creature of habit.  When it becomes too much of a routine, we become bored even though everything is in perfect harmony.  We seem to detour to a rugged terrain just because we thought our life lack adventure.  Oftentimes it ends in catastrophe.

Take for instance, marriage.  I do admit they are times I get lonely nevertheless comparing to where I was, it’s a huge difference.  I don’t want to be the Grinch when it comes to marriage and I’m not saying it to freak you out either.  A lot of questions surfaced my mind from time to time, do I really want to be in a relationship let alone get married again?  Only time and fate will tell.  Every time those words that was spoken to me by the property manager always reverberates and it’s safe to say that I could use it  in every endeavor I have to do and take in my life.

Think twice, think thrice..

“Whatever you’re doing do not stop, whatever makes you happy do not stop.”

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