The Prize of Disobedience

Like you, I am subject to temptations.  Like you, I am made with flesh and blood.  And like you I have my own weakness.  The big question is would I give into it?  Would I rather satisfy my flesh and sacrifice God’s word and face again its painful consequences.  Once in a while, I get tempted with things that pertains to the flesh.  A friend once ask me how do I satisfy my fleshly desire, “Don’t you miss it,” she asked.  Which I replied, I don’t give any space to it in my thoughts.  I do admit I miss the warmth of a body of a woman laying right beside me.  There’s nothing wrong with that so long as it’s done in the confines of marriage, but with the pervasive corruption of sex in our society, it’s been a hard-fought battle, hard but worth every victory to triumph over it.

Even in failures God can use it as an example to teach a lesson to others.  Before I got married, I knew that God didn’t want me to.  The fact that we slept together prior to getting married broke my heart since I’m saving it for marriage and I’m sure I broke God’s heart too.  I committed fornication with an unbeliever.  Maybe to a lot of you virginity is a laughing matter especially here in the West.  But to few including myself, it symbolizes purity, faithfulness and self-control.

The prize of disobedience

Sex is not some pleasurable act which you can just throw away or just some kind of entertainment to satisfy that void of emptiness in you.  It is more than that in a deeper spiritual level.  It is two becoming one.  The giving of each other flesh through the penetrating  of each other’s soul,  of sweat, blood and tears.  In all sense it is a spiritual act.  Sadly a lot of us doesn’t see it that way.  It’s all fun and games until you see the consequences.  Unwanted pregnancy, a child that has no father or mother, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases-in which I always see it on the news about how high is it in our society and yet it has a very simple solution, stop sleeping around.

I am not here to judge you, that’s God’s role but rather to warn you because I care, because I don’t want you to screw up like the way I screwed up.  Learn from my mistake instead  of doing  your own mistakes.

You might be wondering what does has to do with the present, because this kind of temptation is starting to creep back on me.  But I have to remind myself of the darkness that I went through because of that action.  If I took heed of what God was telling me about her then, I would’ve never wasted fourteen years of my life.  Years that I could never take back, time that I couldn’t redeem.  They are times that the flesh is stronger than my spirit that I want to yield to it.  This reminds me of the scene from the movie, Matrix.  Where Neo got in the car with Trinity, and Neo wants to get off, instead Trinity said this,

“Because you have been down there, Neo. You know that road. You know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you want to be….

Yes, I know exactly where it ends.  I know it’s very enticing, like Eve’s stare on that forbidden fruit, you just want one bite, just one bite and savor it again.  In all my heart I know where it ends, death.  The best thing we can do is to learn from our mistake not repeat it.  Think about the short term consequences and long-term consequences.  Would you want to go through the same trouble again?

Don’t fall in love for the wrong reasons.  Like my mother told me when I just got divorce, “You have a new lease on life, don’t screw it up.”

Lastly I always try to remind myself when the occasion arise this words of wisdom from Steve Farrar:

“If you are attracted to someone who is not a Christian, get ahold of yourself and redirect your interest.  Fight off the emotional attraction and walk away quickly.  Don’t give any consideration to the possibility that you might lead them to the Lord.  God doesn’t need you to do His work in their life.  What He does want you to do is obey His word concerning His instructions about marrying unbelievers.”

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