We all want to look good in the eyes of other people.  There’s a saying “First impression last forever.”  We do it all the time even though we’re not aware of it.  At work, in your church, among your peers or your siblings, your family, social gatherings, meeting people the first time, school and lastly the one that you can’t take your eyes off,  that special someone who you can’t take off your mind.

One thing I want to talk about is the last one.   There’s nothing wrong trying to impress that special someone just to catch they’re attention hoping that you’ll go out on a date and eventually you’ll end up together happily.  After a rocky fourteen years of marriage that resulted in divorce I’ve learned a lot about me, the world and people.  Things that I’ve never seen before or never even thought before.  It’s amazing how being broken gives you a new perspective in life, a new set of eyes that sees through the superficial world.

I used to live like that trying to please everyone even though deep inside I am lying to myself.  What important was as long as they’re happy I’m happy, but in reality I am not happy because it’s not who I am, it’s like a part of my soul is getting chip away.  Don’t get me wrong it’s alright to impress someone so long as your honest with your self.  It’s alright to compromise between what you want and you don’t want with the other party but you have to keep guard on your soul.  Be honest all the time especially to yourself.  Don’t do it for the sole reason that you like the other person because he’s handsome, she’s pretty or whatever reasons you have.  Beside it is better to be brutally honest with each other in the beginning, I’m talking about in a very deep level, not the physical but the soul.  Yet, we find ourselves making excuses again.  We keep on giving and keep on giving even though we know deep inside it’s not who we are.  It’s better to go through the heartaches while still early than find  out later on that you’ve found the love of your life but you’ve lost yourself in the process of it leaving you tired and empty.  If the other party truly loves you, you don’t have to impress.  That individual will love you just the way you are.


Love could make you do things, impossible things, things that you don’t want to do.  But that’s what love is, it’ll make you do stupid crazy things.  I’ve been there, asking myself “Did I did what I just did.”  During my marriage I was in the brink of losing my faith due on my part that I have compromise it.  If you think you will find fulfillment in relationships, I hate to say this to you, you’ll be greatly disappointed.   Only God can fulfill no one else.

Before, love is the first reason.  Now, it’s the last reason.

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