Delayed and Annoyed

A lot of people are traveling to take advantage of the summer as it comes to its end.  Whether by train, driving, or flying nothing is annoying than hearing the news that your flight is delayed, more so when you get the message at the last-minute.  That is exactly what happened to us a few days ago.  We were driving and about five minutes to the airport, lo and behold I got a text message saying our flight is delayed for four hours.  I start to get annoyed.  Usually, I would get upset, instead I gave it to God that maybe He has its own reason.

There we were waiting with the other passengers, checking in our luggage.  As I was talking with the airline representative, she gave us a voucher with more than half of the total amount I paid for as a compensation.  And got us into an earlier flight even though it has two stops before our final destination.  I knew that it’s always better to trust in God and leave everything in His hands.  Who would know through that delay I got to save some money.


Like our lives, we get discourage, upset, frustrated and angry when there’s delay in achieving our dreams or our plans.  We get tunnel vision that we are all alone in the quest of our dreams, making us rely on our own strength; we tend to forget that there is a higher power who knows better than we do, who knows that everything works perfectly and beautifully according to His time and not our time.

“God has made everything beautiful
for its own time…(Ecclesiastes 3:11).”

We shouldn’t let delays frustrate us.  It’s just that God has a better plan and all we need to do is trust Him.  Delays doesn’t mean the end of it, the most important thing is you get to your destination.  Like our flight, originally it was a direct flight.  Though we didn’t get there on the time we intended to be, what matter most is that we got on our destination safe and sound.

Yes, it is frustrating. I’ve done it too but I know (speaking from my own experience) when I rush things and doesn’t have the patience that’s when I start to screw things up.  So, whatever your goals are in your careers and relationships,  be patient, be still and trust God. If that person whom you think is meant for you and turn out differently or even that elusive job or promotion, maybe God has something better in store for you. You’ll never know, maybe through that delay God just delivered you from a sure disaster and saving you the best plans and blessing designed by Him specifically for you.



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