The Idea Behind Water and Fire

I’ve been wanting to explain why and how I pick the name, “Water and Fire.” It took me a while to come out with such a name.  I didn’t want it to be flashy or catchy.  I wanted it to be that has a deep meaning, something that reflects God and humanity and the relationship  between them two, an eternal significance if you may.  Something that we take for granted but very dependent on our survival.  Something that could be use either for good or bad depending on the motivation of who’s wielding it.  Something that is very simple and yet in abundance and lives depends on it.


Earth’s surface is seventy percent water. Our body is made mostly with water.  We use it for drinking, cooking and bathing.  For fun – swimming,snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing etc.  Jesus said He is the water of life – John 4:14, 7:38, Revelation 22:1-2.  Before a woman gives birth, the water need to break first.  Water is use in baptism.  Jesus walks on water – Matthew 14:22-33.  Water not only gives life but sustains it and make it more abundant.  Without water all living things would die.


The ugly part is it could also do harm.  God used water to punish the world for wickedness during Noah’s time.  He drowned the Egyptians with it.  By shutting rain, crops would eventually die.  People who doesn’t know how to swim  or doesn’t have the endurance could drown.


Primary use is to cook and light our home.  It makes our mood of transportation go.  It provides warmth in the winter, fun during the New Year or the celebration of Independence.  It is use in manufacturing.  God is a consuming fire – Hebrews 12:29. You are baptized by fire – Luke 3:16.  The Holy Spirit descending upon the apostles as fire – Acts 2:3.  When Moses encountered God in the wilderness, the burning bush – Exodus 3:2.


Unlike water, fire doesn’t leave anything behind everything turns into ashes back into its original state and that’s including you and I. We’ve seen the devastating effects whenever a structure, nature or transportation is consumed by fire.  What do most people think when you mention fire in the Bible?  Judgement.  We all know about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah – Genesis 19.  The final judgement – Revelation 21:8.

I hope you understand  why I choose such a name.  It’s the significance both for humanity and God and the correlation between the two and this world itself.  These two things doesn’t act on its own but it’s very dependent on our choices.  Live a life not by chance, choose the good path even in the midst of fiery trials and you’ll find yourself walking on water no matter how strong the wind or high the wave goes.

May God fill you with His peace through His Son Jesus Christ…

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