Mothers, Always Wanted

A woman is one of God’s greatest gift to man.  It is the embodiment of God’s masterpiece.  A perfect work of art created by God’s own hands in his own image.  No other created being in this world that could make a man do the unthinkable and lose himself in the process the moment love sets in.  Her beauty could thaw a man’s heart no matter how frozen it is.  Melting him away in the palm of her hands, rendering him restless, the loss of appetite and the constant battle of catching a sleep.  Doing the insurmountable and making himself look foolish just to prove that his love for her is worthy.

God, who appointed specific work to every creature He made.  For a woman to be a mother is the greatest occupation she could ever have.  There’s no monetary value to it.  It is done out of pure love.  There’s no love like the way a mother loves her child.  The sacrifices of carrying a child for nine months is no easy feat.  The pain she endures while she gives birth. The sleepless nights, ah, the stuff she put up with is unbelievable.  On the end of the day, she doesn’t even get a recognition, sometimes her acts are unnoticeable only to be visible when her presence is not there.  Still, she endures because of one single thing – the joy of being a mother, an act done by love.  The maker and nurturer of the family.

Sadly, the case today is the opposite.  More and more women shuns the idea of being a mother and this is not only happening in the western world, it is global.  Careers are taking precedence.  Having a child is seen as a burden.  It’s better to get a dog or cat.  Motherhood is the greatest gift a woman could give to society, it makes a nation thrive.  Without it, a nation would suffocate slowly.

It was through birth that God sends His greatest blessing.  Could you imagine if Mary rejected God’s calling?  Sure, He could pick someone else but gaining God’s favor is a huge blessing, don’t reject it.

To those who are aspiring to be a mother, have no doubts or fear.  God didn’t create you for that.  To those who are unable to give birth, don’t let your faith be shaken.  You could  adopt or be a foster parent and show through your love that God exists and cares for them.

I’m not an expert on this subject.  I do know one thing that I have a mother who nurtured and made me of who I am today and I would never trade that.  Who put up with all my crap, no matter how stubborn or screwed up I was.  She went through all these not because she have to but because of her motherly love.

None could surpass that.

Have a blessed happy mother’s day…

What do you like most about your Mom?

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