Falling Apart

A couple of weeks ago, the windshield washer on my car stop working.  Not a big deal but an inconvenience.  With the unpredictable weather  in Kansas, it could get annoying.  I came out with an idea to use a water bottle and poke holes on the cap and use that. I hate driving with a dusty windshield. The winds could really get bad here especially driving on the freeway with all the dust getting kick up on your windshield.

I waited for the weather to get warmer and that came yesterday.  I couldn’t figure out what is wrong.  I called my friend to help me, to turn on the windshield washers so that I could look for leaks or a broken pump.

authochrome fixing apart

I  mentioned, “Things start to fall apart in this car,” in which she replied, “Yeah, just like your life.”  I giggled, and said, “It has fallen apart for a long time.”  As you are reading this, you might think that I have a perfect life, a series of failures instead.  Hope,  crushed, hope again, fell in love, heart-broken, divorced, screamed, got drunk, got up again, rejected, beat down, broke, fell in love, rejected, emotionally drained, cried, fears, anxiety, drank some shiraz, pray and hope things will get better.

I was out there trying to figure how to take out the heat shield under the hood so that I could  take out the windshield washers but it has this plastic fasteners and it’s a pain to take them off.  I was getting frustrated and  giving up.  So I jump unto You Tube, thank God for that and I saw a video of a guy using a fork to pry them things out and it worked flawlessly, I got the windshield washer off and soak it into a vinegar to unclogged it.  To my dismay it didn’t work that wasn’t the problem.

In life things fall apart, it’s one of life’s reality. Like cars, it can be fix too if you are willing to look and change that broken part, with additional help, encouragement and sarcasm or a little bit of both, from your friends and love ones.  Did I finally figure out what the problem is?  Was I able to fix it?  I called my daughter this time to help me and  glad I found the problem.  It’s the hose, either it got disconnected or broke apart. I see the washer fluid coming out under the front wheel well like a garden water hose.  No, I wasn’t able to fix it yet, but I know now what the problem is and where to fix.

Just have to wait for a better weather, it’s raining here again.

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