Three Most Dangerous Words

Three most dangerous words.  What is it that comes to your mind when I say this.  You might be surprise that it is not what you think it is.  I will give you a clue.  It’s not something that could get you punch in the face or be thrown in jail.  It’s not something that could ruin your career or mire your reputation.  It’s not something that you could say to your spouse in which you’ll end up sleeping on the couch tonight or worse outside of the house.

It’s worse than that.

When you say these words, you’re allowing the other person to venture into your soul rather than staring at your body. It is the epitome of complete surrender.  Knowing that the individual could betray you, hurt you, at any given time.  But you don’t think of that because you know in your heart the moment you say those three words, it’s more than saying I trust you, it’s surrendering all of you, letting someone through the window of your eyes and venture deep into your soul.

You are at work, he is a at work. You are at home and she has to travel far afar.  Both of you would think,”I wonder what my honey is doing now?”  Is she just working or is he flirting around? But you wouldn’t think that because he gave you his three words and she gave hers too. But life has a way of turning things around. You could win today, you could lose tomorrow.

That day came, you can’t believe it with your own eyes. He is holding someone’s arms. She is in someone arms.  Tears rolled down. Heads bowed down.  You feel the pain throbbing in to your chest, like a million daggers stabbing continuously in your heart.  Now I know why those three words are the most dangerous one.

Then God look down, and He said to you, “Don’t worry child, I know how it feels.  I’ve sent my begotten Son and look what they’ve done.”

And as you read through the final lines, God whispers at you by your side and says, “My child would you like to know now what are  the Three Most Dangerous Words, because that’s exactly the reason why I sent my Son.”

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