My name is…

When you were born I was there
I saw the joy in your mother’s eyes while you cry
And she held you the first time in her arms
She was in pain while she delivered you
As soon as you came out that pain turned into overflowing joy

I watch you as you began to grow
Words muted, speaking and walking barely
As seasons passes they become more clear
You limp, then start walking, couldn’t stop talking, questioning everything
Next time I know you are running, jumping
Eager to learn what kind of world you are in
Your parents could barely keep up with you

I have high expectations for you
Sure this fellow must be different
Innocent and what is better than having a child’s heart
That is the kind of heart that’ll listen and obey Him
That is the kind of heart that knows no doubting

Behold it’s your first day in school
Nervous, afraid but you got through all of it
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years
Has gone by everything seemed like yesterday

The moment you have a taste of the world has to offer you
The heart of a child is no more
You’ve turn into something I never expected
You’ve become prideful, you’ve hurt countless people
With your tongue you deceived many
You’ve gain riches and amass power
Through oppression, repression and deception
You considered yourself a god

How I was disappointed in you but you made your choice
The people you’ve hurt, I hear they’re cry and groanings
Day and night, and like them I was crying too
I couldn’t watch them any longer
The more I waited, the more wicked you’ve become
The number of people you’ve oppress grew even more
They wailed, they cried, and tears flow from my eyes

I was ready to struck you down with a sickle in my palm
But His hand grab my arm
He said, “Stop!! Let’s give the fellow more time.”
Hoping you’ll change in due time

I waited
Winter, spring, summer, fall
I waited
Rain, snow, heat
Dawn, morning, noon, evening
I waited
Lightning, thunder, storms
I waited
Until the day time has caught up to you

Then I heard your voice
Whispering, words mumbling, hands trembling
Fear blanketing
I turned my gaze towards you
Breath gasping
Reality struck you, and you said
“I am not a god”

As you close your eyes
And took your last breath
I’d like to introduce myself
My name is…
I have authority over you
Ever since the beginning of time

So do not be prideful
Always stay humble
At the end of your time
I’ll be there waiting for you

Oh, and one more thing
He’s not the only one watching
I am watching too…

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