The Closet Christian

Every time I drop off my daughter to her school, she always ask me to turn off the radio.  I don’t know if she’s embarrass of me because of the music I listen to or it’s just her growing up.  The faster the time goes by so are the changes. It felt like it’s just yesterday.

One morning stood out.  I was listening to K-LOVE and she said to turn it off, she didn’t want to “offend” certain individuals who don’t believe in God. I remember a high school classmate of mine who became a born again Christian during our high school days.  I never knew that she’s been a believer that long.  I only found out on Facebook after all through these years.  Going through a Roman Catholic school, it wasn’t easy if you belong to a different faith. Day in, day out persecution is always there but it’s expected. There’s not a day that someone’s making fun and mock of this new faith that I’ve found. That’s only the school, I still have to contend with my parents at home who are both devout Catholic.  I didn’t care, I was happy I finally found the truth.  All the insults, the slurs, the painful words, the way how quickly individuals change just because you belong to a different faith; it was all worth it.

I ask this classmate of mine why she hid her faith, why she didn’t openly display it.  It was her fear of rejection, of how fast things would change once people knew.

It was hard back then being a believer, it is even more harder now given how society has portrayed Christians and God.  So what do we do?  Do we cower in fear?  Will we give in to the pressures and abandon our faith? Are you going to be that seed that fell on the rocky ground who have no root or are you going to be the seed that fell on good soil who produces a lot of crop?

In response, I told my daughter to be bold in her faith, regardless of what people say.  The opinion of God outweighs any opinion than is in this world.  What matters most is what God think of you not what the world think of you.  Do not be like Peter who denied Christ not once but three times.  If you’ve ever been in the same situation like Peter, God is abounding in grace ready to forgive you.  He forgave Peter He will forgive you too.

There’s a saying, “If you don’t stand up for something you’ll for anything.” The time to stand up for what is true is now. Remember what Christ says, “Whoever denies me before men, I will also deny him before my Father in heaven (Matt. 10:33).”

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