This past Monday, I dropped off my daughter at school but we were  twenty minutes late. One of the things that I don’t like is not being on time, I abhor it.   I don’t care even if they’re family or close friends or lover.  I hate being late.  I hate it when somebody’s late. If you’re five minutes early you’re on time, if you’re on time you are late.

I was expecting to be five minutes late.  When I got to the main road, traffic was heavy because of an accident from icy roads on one of the freeways.  Tried to take a detour, same results. While we were sitting in traffic, I began to get upset inside me. I wanted to scold her for not listening to me when I told her to wake up and get ready for school.  Instead she choose to sleep in more and argue, now we have to face the consequences.

I choose not to.  I held back not because of my lack of parenting skills but rather she’s my child. I talked to her instead and explain that there’s a reason for all the things that I tell and ask her to do.  That it is for her own good and not mine.

As I was talking to her, it reminds me of what our heavenly Father think of us whenever we disobey Him.  If I being an earthly father have this compassion toward my own child, how much more when it compares to Him.  Whenever we disobey Him, He has all the right to get angry and punish us.  He punish us not because he hates us but to discipline us like any parents would do to their child.  He chose not to but keep giving us multiple chances to repent and change our ways.  Instead of raining His wrath upon us He sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for the penalty that was meant for us, so that we’ll know He is full of compassion.

No matter how much you’ve failed, He is always there telling you to wake up.  Do not be late, wake up when He tells you to.  You might end up late and the doors of heaven will close on you.

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