A couple of days ago I watched Deadpool.  I wanted to check out what’s the fuss all about.  I keep hearing from friends and co-worker how good it is. Do not let your kids watch it.  This is different from any Marvel movies.  Speaking of a  foul-mouthed individual, he is up there on my list. But hey it’s Deadpool, it is what make him he is.  I am not here to make a review of the movie.

Sometimes I get carried when I watched  a fictional character to the point that I would change my picture profile on Facebook base on that image of said character.
This morning I was thinking of that, putting Deadpool on my profile.  Then I said to my self, given his characteristics what am I trying to portray about me in relation to my faith. I decided not to do it.

That was said and done. After that I’m off to my morning devotions. I was reading 2 Samuel 4 where it talks about Isbosheth being murdered.  Here I am trying to forget all the violence in Deadpool and the moment I open my Bible, Isbosheth wasn’t only killed but decapitated him too.  The violence just unnerve me.  It is true that the Bible is filled with gruesome violence. I won’t deny that.  You probably asking what’s got to do with what I’m talking about.

Before I go on, I am not here to promote or justify sin.  A sin is sin no matter how much you justify it. Few months ago a co-worker of mine was asking about a movie, I can’t really remember what’s the name of the movie. But I remember it involves a lot of sex scenes.  I told her that I don’t watch such movies. Okay, hold it there, you’re saying right now, “But you’ve watched Deadpool.” Second reason not to let any kids watch it. Nope, I didn’t watch the sex scenes.  I have my own way of censorship (pushing the mute button and either looking away or block my view).

Back to my  conversation with my co-worker.  She said, “Why some people are against it (sex scenes) and yet people have no problem watching violent movies specifically when it involves killing.” Those statements rings true.  If you hold back and observe she has a very valid point.  Our society is laden with such things, not only in movies but even in video games. I hate to say it but we glorify it, just look at the movies we watch and the games we play. We made killing a part of our entertainment.

The very life (regardless if an individual is bad or good) that Jesus Christ died for is reduced in some cheap thrill stress relieving entertainment.  We might not know the implications since it’s only entertainment, that’s what we want to believe but that is nothing farther from the truth. Look around you, do you see  a lot of entertainment that involves saving lives?  Or even preserving it?  What would happen then?  Would you think we’ll be more merciful and compassionate to each other? I would think so.

I know I am no better when it comes to choosing what entertainment I am getting myself into. It is one of the aspect of my life I have to work on, in which I ask,”Is it glorifying God or not.”  For those of you who are believers, should a Christian watch such thing?  Share your thoughts below…


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