Does God Really Speak?

While I was eating my lunch,  I was reading  blogs I follow here at WordPress. I keep pondering if I should continue this blog.  It actually crossed my mind if I’m really making a difference or if people actually care.  For a second I think it would be better if I rarely post or stop altogether, and concentrate on my photography.  Then I read this blog from A Fractured Faith,  “We Need You.” First, I thought it is asking for monetary help.  Little did I know that it is more than that.

He is right about his message on that post you’ll never know who you’ll be able to help. It did just that to me.  The moment I finished reading it I know that God wants me to keep writing for this blog, all I needed was a confirmation.

What about you?  Have you ever have an encounter with God which he answered back to you other than His words in the Bible? Something that make you scratched your head and say, “This can’t be just a coincidence.”

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  1. I believe that God speaks to us in a variety of ways to provide confirmation, warnings, to lift our spirits, etc. Years ago, I was dating a guy who was funny and seemed genuine. I really liked him but sensed that God was trying to tell me that the guy wasn’t who i thought he was. We talked about getting married and having children. There were times when I felt uneasy, like something wasn’t right but I wasn’t sure what it was. One day I prayed for guidance and heard Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” on the radio. I believe that if I would’ve gotten pregnant by this guy, he would’ve denied that the child was his or just ran off.

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