Looking Forward

In a few hours we will be welcoming the New Year. Either we look forward or we hold ourselves back.  Either we dread going back to work or we delight in our work.

Looking back, it’s been a tumultuous year for me. The divorced, the break up of my own family and the passing of my father happening all at once was no easy feat.  I was drowning, engulf in a sea of despair and hopelessness. The only one that saved me and gave me hope is the grace of God. Apart from Him, I would not survive all these.  Like anything in life, nothing last forever and that means your problems too.

As I look back, I ponder upon myself, not the bitter things I’ve gone through rather  the lessons I’ve learned from it.    Did it make me a better person?  It sure did.  I am actually grateful for it because I learned more from being broken than in times of pleasure.  I don’t feel hatred for the people who put me through these( divorced), though I get annoyed once in a while.  I feel pity instead. In spite of the hurtful words and lies.  I’m always standing ready to forgive, because Christ has also forgiven me. I know a lot of my friends wouldn’t agree. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth as they say.  To think of it these are the qualities we clamor from God, from His Son – forgiveness, mercy and love.  So why would I deny such things to those who don’t deserve it, and yet God never denied it to me, He sent His son Jesus Christ instead. He gave me a chance not because I deserve it, nor worthy of it. But because to prove His unconditional love for me, for you, for all of us. But we are too blind to realize that until it is gone and then it’ll be too late.

It’s like a spouse who were always there for you. Cook for you, took all those nasty words coming from you.  And no matter how much it hurts, no matter how much pain.  He or she will take it in not because of being blind or weak but because of the love burning inside, that regardless of what you put him or her through it wouldn’t matter.  Hoping that one day your eyes will be opened.

So as we approach the coming year I know for a fact that a lot of you has resolutions ready.  Majority of it concerns our own selves, the promotion of our self.  What about resolution concerning the kingdom of God?  Is there one?   It’s time to bury that grudge. It’s time to stop the blame. Start the new year by forgiving those who have wronged you even if they don’t deserve it. It’s time to move on and leave it on God’s hands.  Not everything is there to punish you.  Would you now deny to others the qualities you clamor after God?  That is up to you…

May the favor of God rest upon you all.

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