How to Ruin Your Life by 30 by Steve Farrar

I can’t believe when I passed by this book. I wasn’t even looking for this type of book. For some reason I got directed to it. I was like, “God are you kidding me, you know I’m turning forty. You want me to read another book?  Last time, you made me read that book by Mike Marra about marriage and singles, isn’t it too late for this.”  And then He said, “Don’t worry son, I got everything under control.”

As I open to the table of contents, it’s arranged numerically by giving you advice on what to do and what not to do.  I can’t stop telling myself, oh yes I did that, and that, definitely that. I mean if I had a pen with me I could check on all them with flying colors.  I  felt this regret rushing in.  All the pain I had to endure.  I know for sure that God has a reason, otherwise I wouldn’t bumped into it.

It doesn’t talk only about a certain topic. It touches everything, from what you want to do professionally, choosing friends, relationships, finance, sex and marriage. All from a Christian perspective and even if you’re not a believer it’s a good read for you too.


Here are some of the excerpts I like and I quote:

“Calling does not come through an audible voice of God. Calling simply refers to God’s unique purpose and work for you.”

“Fake repentance justifies sin, rationalizes sin and minimizes sin. But authentic repentance does none of this things.”

“It’s better to be single and content than married and miserable.  Marriage will not fulfill you. God will. Marriage cannot meet your deepest needs only God can do that.”
“You want to have a great marriage? Then don’t focus on pursuing a partner. Focus on pursuing God. Let Him take care of bringing the right person into your life, in the right place, at the right time.”

“If you will yield your life to Christ and put Him first in your life, the other issues will take care of themselves.”
“There’s no reason to ask the Lord for guidance if you aren’t willing to obey Him.”

“Sometimes God’s greatest blessings come out of a disappointment. You see it in the lives of Joseph and Moses. God’s delays are not God’s denials.”

“The fight against oneself is the worst fight of all. I am my own worst enemy and you are yours.”

I highly recommend it especially to young adults. When I was reading this,  I wish someone when I was in my 20’s slap me with this book on my head. And for you young readers, who thinks you have all the time in the world, you don’t. Time will catch up to you and you’ll be asking yourself what happened.

Lay off whatever keeping you busy.  Video games, sports, social media, and your phone won’t be able to fulfill you.  Read voraciously and study the word of God.







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