Ungrateful Heart

I can’t help and ponder about the money I spent on a wearable fitness device, as I sat there having lunch with my daughter.  You know those thing that looks like watch than can track your daily steps, your heart rate and what not.  For those of you who don’t know, I talk to God not only when I pray but also in my daily life. From day to day decisions to the more pressing things in life. Put it this way, I talk to Him like He’s right here beside me (and I know He is.) I ask Him about pretty much everything, for every decision I make.  Even the things I desire. If there is something I can’t afford I ask Him to provide for it and He never fell short.

I’ve been wanting to get a fitness tracker for a while now but I held myself back due to its price. It is something more of a want than need. Today, I decided to purchase one for myself since they’re going for fifty percent off. I thank God for providing it for me even though I didn’t ask for it. As I sat there eating, I can’t help thinking why it isn’t on sale for sixty percent off?  Think about it fifty percent is already a good deal.  That’s when I realize how ungrateful I am. Maybe that was the reason why it was on sale for that low because God knows I want one. And here I am grumbling if He could bring the price more lower.

That reminds me how God’s hand guided His people from Egypt to the promise land. How I have so much in common with them with their grumbling instead of being in awe and grateful for what He’d done. God practically showed His power to them.  From the ten plagues, which eventually set them free, the parting of the Red Sea so that they could walk on dry land, to the pillar of cloud to shield them from the sun, the pillar of fire to light their way in the night, for providing them water in the middle of the desert and raining meat on them from heaven.

I felt so embarrassed after that for having such an ungrateful heart, instead of enjoying it as one of His blessings.

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