Why Singles are not Married and the Married are Single by Mike Marra

I stumbled on this accidentally on my local library.  Sometimes, I wonder why God shows me such things, given the fact that I just got divorced and I’m pushing toward 40. I ask Him, isn’t this kind of late?  But hey, what do I know. The God of the Bible is the God of second chances and new beginnings. This is not the only book that I have read in which I wish I would’ve read when I was still in my 20’s. I like to share this not because of financial gain. I don’t know the author neither. I want to share this so that my dear audience, especially you young adults, that you won’t make the same mistake that I did when it comes to choosing your lifetime partner.

Here are some excerpts and I quote:

“When problems exist in a relationship, most people try to fix the problem.  But they focus on the issue. The issue might be money, promiscuity, careers, kids or many other things. What needs understanding is that the issue is not the problem!  We (the problem) stand in front of the mirror and do not know how to deal with the issue. The issue exist because of unresolved internal conflict. The internal conflict needs healing. The issue will resolve..once the problem (us) deals with the conflict (emotions.)”

“Being single is all about personal goals and desires. Dating is the learning stage of sharing interests, doing nice things for honey, and adjusting to their needs out of love. Engagement is a step toward building a life together, sharing our dreams, and letting the other person know we are willing to love them unconditionally. Marriage is the ultimate commitment: working as team in our proper roles and making sacrifices to help secure our spouse’s world with us. When parenthood arrives, things should become less important to self, while making bigger sacrifices for the children.”

“We are taught to seek out our “soul-mates.”  Actually, God created “helpmates” for us to seek out. If our souls are composed of our mind, will, and emotions, how do we find our “mind, will and emotions-mate?” I don’t think we can. Maybe it’s why they’re hard to find! Ideally, we need to find a godly man or woman who will help us to enjoy the good times and help us to get through the bad times in life.”

“We must realize that there is an intense spiritual battle going on. Satan blinds men and women in order to build his army while God builds His. However, Satan’s side is more attractive and fun for immediate pleasure. He knows how to attack and destroy which is his purpose. God’s purpose is to attack back, through prayer, worship and warfare. It’s accomplished with the indwelt power of the Holy Spirit we’ve asked for. But this requires faith and tenacity.”

“Satan knows the power of sex. He involves women at a level to distract men because man’s innate desire is sex.”

“We have a conclusion! Men are the reason men are tainted! Men are tainted because they haven’t been pulled aside o learn relationship! The ones teaching this should be women. But, women can’t be teaching men how to have a relationship with any respect toward them by removing their clothes at the drop of a hat!”

I encourage you to get this book.  Even though you decide to stay single. You’ll never know when love come’s knocking at your door.




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