Let Man Be Man and Woman be Woman

Family is the basic cell of a healthy society. You want to destroy a country without actually waging a physical war, simple, destroy the family. No father to look up to, no mother to guide the home. No fear , no moral compass. Can not decipher what is right and wrong. No one to hold accountable to but only themselves. Majority of the empires fell and crumbled not because they were militarily defeated but because of moral bankruptcy.

And what better way to achieve this than to blurred the lines of what a man is and what a woman is. I probably be called a bigot or a sexist for writing this. I’ll write it anyway to show to you how you’ve been robbed of your innocence and purity. Blinded by this world. If you just take a step back and be the observer. Study every generation. Watch the classic movies and old tv shows and compare it today. Ask yourself how did we get in to this mess?


They are characteristics that makes a woman for what she is, the same thing goes with man. They are made for each other, help each other, complement each other and eventually complete each other, not to outdo and use and abuse each other. Society always dictate through the media and learning institutes that women must be and surpass men. That they can do better than men. In reality they are just things that women can’t do that men can do and vice versa. That’s what make them unique to each other. Not some  kind of deficiency.

They’re is nothing more joyful than having a family. Having children and watch them grow. When I first held my daughter in my arms the day she was born, I would describe it this way, “It’s hundred times better than falling in love with the woman of your dreams.” You have achieve your career goals and all the material things you wanted. Everyday we’re getting old and clock is ticking. For all those singles out there I didn’t say this to taunt you but to encourage you. It is for those who have deferred time and time again to pursue the cares of this world. How much is enough and when is enough. Sooner or later you’ll grow old. Death will come eventually. On your bed you remember the words again empowerment and progressive. “To who you ask, to myself or to the god of this world.” You realize you’ve been robbed all along.

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