They are numbers of reasons why a believer backslides. Some they miss their old ways. Some couldn’t handle the pressure of being set apart from the crowd. Of being make fun of, ridiculed and the isolation not only from your peers but from you friends, and worst of them all from your own family.

The most common of it all is the promise that everything will be better, once you become a believer in Christ. People get disillusioned, then discouraged and eventually abandon their faith. The truth is your problems will be magnified ten to twenty times. You’ll feel persecuted from every side. The things that you didn’t care before now it bothers you. Before when you get up in the morning, all you do is eat breakfast, take a shower, brush, change and then off you go to work. Now you have to devote a time for God in the morning. Which means getting up earlier. And nobody wants to get up earlier.

Your heart has change. The things that you don’t care start bothering you now. You stop cussing. You don’t go out partying anymore. You stop lusting at that lady next door. Everything is brand new. You feel invincible with that newly found conviction. People start noticing and look at you weird. So weird, that people start distancing themselves from you and to make it even worse your own family start persecuting you. You didn’t get the promotion because everybody thinks you’re a bigot. Your phone start ringing, a call from your significant other telling you that she found someone else. That you don’t fit in her lifestyle anymore.


Pressure start building up, you become overwhelmed and start to ask God why? You’re mind is full of doubts. Contemplating if you should continue on. You have lose so much, there’s a lot at stake. Is it worth it? You feel drained and abandoned. And with all your might you just broke down in tears. You remember about what the Pastor said that things will get better, that he will bless you with such and such. Then a turn for the worse, you went back to your old self. Now you don’t have to worry about anything. You’re free at last. Or so you thought.

It is heartbreaking when a believer backslides. Is there hope? It is nothing new or uncommon. It happened to myself. One way or another we have steered away from our faith. I’ll be doing a follow-up post on this one and share with you my own personal experience on how to avoid the pit falls and getting your faith back.

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