Selfish Prayer

Lately I’ve been noticing the way I pray. Most of the things I’ve been praying are things that everyone wanted. A better job, higher pay, better living standards. I pray about it hardly that I can’t help but notice that what if I pray like this for someone who is lost. I said to myself how selfish I am. That I am so blinded by the cares of this world. “I must have this, I must have that.” Blinded by all the distraction, from social media to every entertainment that bombards us where ever we go and the busyness of our careers. The smart phone that always quietly screaming at you saying, “Hey, check me it’s been five minutes since you last held me that’s too long, you don’t want to miss what’s going on.”


For every situation I encounter in life. I always like to compare it during the time of the Apostles or the New Testament believers. How would they react if they’re in my situation right now. What would happen if I pray so hard, so passionately for those who are lost just like the way I ask God whenever I need something. Could you imagine that? You’ll probably say, “Hey, prayers don’t work.” Let me tell you this, back when I was in High School I would pray for my whole class for their salvation. Sometimes I would even name them individually in my prayer. Fast forward today, I found a couple of them on Facebook. Guess, what? Both of this individuals have their own ministry. I can’t believe it myself.

Once you’ve become a Bible believing Christian, it doesn’t stop there. We are commanded by Christ himself to make disciples and preach the gospel to every corner of the world, which is the great commission. Step back a bit and let’s re focus on what our mission is in this world – the preaching of the gospel. Remember when you look at someone, that individual would spend eternity somewhere.  I don’t have to mention those two places, you already know.

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