The Emptiness

Sitting on my bed
Things going through my head
Expectations are illusions
Like a smoke, a dust,
Like a silhouette, like a mirage in the desert
Hoping to fill that thirst
Only to find emptiness.

What does life revolve around?
The money, the cars, a big house
Perfect family, caring friends
In which I have none
It’s not enough
Something is missing

Listening to music
Stare outside of the window
Having a thousand yards stare
Through the clouds and beneath the horizons
What is beyond that
Is there someone there
Or something
To fill the emptiness
To fill the void it created

Everything to be desired
Have been fulfilled and exceeded
The more you have
The more burden
If desire is not there
Would it make you stop
To feel like a human

What now, what then
The emptiness.

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