Unseen Blessings

A lot of people dreaded to live in  underdeveloped countries. Western countries has a far better living standards and opportunities. Living here in the States and the Philippines is such a big difference. Here, everything is fast pace and over there is laid back. Each place has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We are so busy trying to caught up with our everyday life to maintain our living standard that we feel like we’re hard pressed on every side. Yes, it is hard living from paycheck to paycheck. Trying to make ends meet. Self-pity would come in and start saying to ourselves, if we could’ve only done this or that. If only I finish college then I could’ve earn more.


I called Mom and she was telling me about what my brother told her. I can’t exactly remember what we were talking about. Somehow my sibling mentioned to her that in spite of me not having a degree. I was still able to make it. I’ve been to other countries not only for a visit but to actually lived there.  I know others  would be grateful if they have a chance to visit. Not bad for someone who never dreamed of making it through this far.

I don’t live in luxury at all, far from it. However, I am not lacking anything at all. Time and time again I found myself poor because of this insatiable appetite for wanting things. That I often forgot that they are others whose in a desperate situation. I sat down and realize that my brother was right.   I’ve been places where I actually lived there people could dream of, like Europe, the Caribbean and here in the States. And here I am complaining to God to give me this and that. Instead of being content.

Never really thought of that. It does keep me thinking. I never dreamed any of this. And yet here I am. A college drop out laughing stock high school kid.

God winks…

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