Blessings, To Acquire or To Accept

My daughter told me recently that she’s bored  watching tv and playing on her tablet.  I wanted to find some activity that doesn’t use electricity and where the whole family could play together. It is disheartening to see today that technology is destroying family bonding. Either you’ll see your son playing games in his room and  daughter texting on the living room, while you’re wife on Facebook and you checking and writing emails.  Board games came to my mind.  If you were born in the 80’s you know what I’m talking about.  So I went to yelp and found out there’s some few around my area.  To my surprise there’s a few of them and some of them are quite pricey.  I thought they would’ve been gone with all the technology we have.  From gaming console to mobile games.

I went to this local store and bought this game called  “Ten Commandments.”  When you accumulate all ten commandments, you win as long as you’re the first to land on a yellow tile.  Some of the tiles reward you with food baskets which are olives, grain, fish and grapes.  Some you’ll get silver.

SONY DSCMy daughter never won a single game against me.  Because she was focus on accumulating more of the food baskets than on getting all the commandments.  I ask her why and she replied, “So I’ll never be hungry, forget the commandments.”  I replied back, “Well, in order for you to win one of the conditions of the game is to acquire all the ten commandments.”  Then she just look at me with a grin.

I said to myself in my mind, “Wait a minute, don’t some of us behave like that.”  We are so focus on acquiring material things.  We tend to forget God’s laws even to the point  that we start to compromise our faith without even knowing it.  It is a very dangerous road to travel to, because later on it would eventually lead to the abandonment of one’s faith.    All we want is more.  Not only we want more but we want it at the very moment.  As soon as our desired is fulfilled, all we feel is just emptiness and wanting more.  With all the things that the world has to offer, you would think that it would satisfy  every needs.

It is not against God’s word to have material things.  Our focus must remain on Him and Him alone not the blessings he showers us with.  Let’s not be blinded by them.  Use  it for the expansion of His kingdom and glory not only for our happiness.







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