Words of Encouragement

It is hard to give up everything for the sake of our faith.  Once you become a true bible believing Christian, you must live by faith not by sight.  There’s a lot of things you have to give up.  Things that’s impossible to give up but you were able to because of that burning desire for your love of Jesus Christ.  You look you’re old self and you’re amazed and still are that you were able to make that change.  But none of our actions are comparable to what Jesus have done for us.  That is an absolute love.  Having the capability to love someone without returning it. Anything that is contrary to God’s will must be given up.  A lot of people would look at us, we’re crazy and out of our mind.  You can’t really blame them if you look from their perspective, it is crazy.  That’s how faith works, believing something or someone that is unseen.  Giving up on our old self seems an easy task.  The hard part is giving up on your job, friends or even your own family because it hinders your walk with Christ. What makes it harder is when it happens the other way around.  Being rejected because you are a follower of Jesus Christ.  You’re probably sitting alone in your room with head bowed down.  Smoking and drinking just to take the edge off.  Thinking and asking yourself, “Is it worth […]

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