Death, The Doorway to Judgement

Being born to this world seems like eternity. It gives you a false sense of immortality, remember when you were young. Now that you’ve grown older, life is indeed short and fragile. You might even think that death will never happen to you. None of us dare to talk about it. It doesn’t matter what race or class are you. It is taboo. And yet it is everybody’s destination. There’s  planing for all kind of things. From  careers, birthdays to anniversaries but no one plans for death. Our world today is no better at all. Wickedness abounds. The norm now is what wrong is right and what right is wrong. To make it worse the masses are embracing it. And people wonder why everything is changing from worse to worse. Once in a while or maybe oftentimes you ask yourself this question, “Where is God? Does he even care.” You know like the way He did in the Old Testament. Parting the red sea, making the sun not setting. Sending fire from up above.  All this wars going on. Perversion is at all time high, at every level of society. Liberty is diminishing. Tyranny is flourishing. Being righteous means  persecution and curse. The wicked is ever been bolder. They’re getting rewarded and they’re ruling. As for myself I ask the same thing too, “Where is God?”  I admit that they’re times that I feel He doesn’t exist. I could give […]

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