Sowing and Reaping

Is God to be blamed for our troubles? Humanity has at its lowest point in history. We have been reduced to mere animals or even worse, a monster. Animals are more civilized compare to us, because they know the order of natural things. The word human are not applicable to us anymore. Because what makes us human are all gone. What matters now is to do whatever please or suit us in our current situation. Long gone are the days of compassion and forgiveness, to love your neighbor, your fellow-man or even your enemy is now a thing of the past. Wives don’t respect their husbands anymore. Husbands don’t love and care for their wives anymore. Sons and daughters despise their parents. Young people don’t have respect for the elderly, they get beat up, rob, rape and laugh at. Violence, sexual perversion, consumerism and the love of money permeates our lives. Majority of the people doesn’t want to stand up for what is true, right and pure. We rather listen to lies than be set free by the truth. We give up liberty in exchange for security and wealth, so long as we are comfortable. Yet, in spite of all this we wonder why everything is breaking down. We look upon our own leaders and put our trust in man, looking for answers, but things are getting worse and worse. We’ve made ourselves as gods, answering to no one but […]

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